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Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Academic Superiority

Our Academic Superiority

National University's academic programs are rigorous, uncompromising, and built on a solid foundation in the basic sciences. We maintain high admission standards for our students. As a result, the student body at National University is of a higher academic caliber. National University graduates often become leaders in their professions, and credit the school as the reason for their confidence and success.

Our Dedication to Integrative Medicine

Our Dedication to Integrative Medicine

National University prepares graduates for the future of health care by offering a campus dedicated to integrative medicine. In fact, you’ll study and work side-by-side with students and faculty from its chiropractic and naturopathic medicine programs. As a result, you will be better prepared to work and thrive in today’s integrated health care market.

Our Focus on Our Naturopathic Philosophy

Our History of Leadership

Founded in 1906, National University has over 110 years of experience in graduating leaders in alternative medicine. A driving force for moving natural health care into mainstream medicine, we celebrated our centennial by adding the Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine in 2006.

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